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Proust: Hledání ztraceného času. Teige – 1928
285 CHF
Marcel PROUST Hledání ztraceného času. Sv. 5. D. 2. Odeon. Prague: 1928.

One Volume of 14. Very good, unused condition. Uncut. Exceptional Teige Design. Original paperback with almost no signs of use. Strong spine.

«The complete series of the Czech translation of 'A la recherche du temps perdu'. The title pages and the front and back covers printed in red, blue and black on various coloured paper, published over a period of 4 years, are Teige's most consistent, simple but subtle designs, using typographical means only. The series constitute an example of innovative, low cost book design and is a highlight in Teige's typographical work.» Ring neue Werbegestalter, ills. 52.