Albertson Int'l Booksellers

Albertson Int'l specializes in antiquarian books and prints from the Czechoslovak Avant Garde during the time of the First Republic between 1918 – 1938. 

During the period between the two World Wars, the young First Czechoslovak Republic was an important center for art, architecture, industrial design and avant-garde book design. Although mass-produced for the broad general public and thus aimed to be affordable, book design was similarly innovative and attentive to questions of design.

The avant garde in Czechoslovak book design had its origin in the Devětsil Artistic Union U. S. Devětsil (Umělecký Svaz Devětsil) founded in 1920 and later renamed to Svaz moderní kultury Devětsil which was active until 1931. Founded by Karel Teige, Jaroslav Seifert, Vladislav Vančura and Adolf Hoffmeister the U.S. Devětsil gathered the most influential artists and writeres of the time and published a number of Journals. Most importantaly the ReD in the years between 1927 and 1931, which contained numerous works of leading names of the field of Art, Architecture and Literature and reproductions of Art. Czechoslovak designers also were in close direct contact with a range of artistic activies in Europe especially France and Russia.

Czechoslovak avant-garde book design can be separated broadly into four major movements: Poetism, Constructivism, Surrealism, and Socialist Realism. Each approach developed and utilized its own unique philosophy and aesthetic vocabulary.